Spell It Normal

by The Glass Eyes

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Music / photos by Chris Jones

Email: tophersjones@gmail.com


released October 4, 2014



all rights reserved


The Glass Eyes Chicago, Illinois

Anti-love. Immodest. Not carefree. A bit of an elitist. Has an alienating sense of humor. Generally anxious. Tough to understand sometimes. Hard to read. Sporadic bouts of kindness separated by long droughts. Suffers from this seemingly sourceless sense of shame. But hey! This music's really good! Those dudes can play! That song sounded like Neil Young! ... more

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Track Name: Sex & TV
It's hard to be yourself
When everybody's someone else
It's hard to stay awake
When nothin's happening anyway
So I'll drink my beer
And look out to the room
Won't see nothing back at me
Just watchin all the sex & TVs

I've got my best friend
I'll love her to the end
I wish that she could see
All she needs from me
It's hard to get to sleep
When noone's next to me
But I'll close my eyes
And I'll masturbate
Track Name: Am I Gone?
To an old folk
My life seems exciting
He calls me two times
We don't say nothing

Am I gone
Am I gone
Am I gone

Roll him over like it's nothing
Like you're nothing
Hold him over
Like you're nothing
Like it's nothing

My grandfather
He's a drinker
He calls me two times
He really needs me

Roll him over
Like you're nothing
Like it's nothing
I hold him over
Like it's nothing
We're growing older
Like it's nothing
Like it's nothing
Track Name: Clean Room
All I want's a
Clean room
And the quiet
Feel the lonesome

Sure I got my people
They're all gone now
Yeah I got my girlfriend
She's alone now

In my clean room
And the quiet
No reminders
Feel the lonesome
Track Name: Tomorrow I'll Be Down
I once was young
14 unanswered
My soul was air
Love me like oven

Don't it
Don't it

Mingle tears of aloe
Asa nisi masa
Here there lies a dead soul
Shame it still pursues me

Tomorrow I'll be down
Tomorrow I'll be down
Come over I'll be gone
In a moment I'll be round
Track Name: White Fly
In a gown
A white fly on a golden bear
Hangin out in the shitty air
Track Name: I'm Proud
I know you
I'm there too
I scared you
I'm scared too

I know you
I'm proud to
and I mean to
and I need to
and I'm mean too
Track Name: Palsy
Courage it comes
Only to those who don't need it
I need it terribly
But you can say whatever you want to me

Sometimes I say hey man
Hey whatcha doing
Hey maybe you and me should get together
And you say ok
Now I'm waiting so I'm waiting as I'm waiting
Track Name: Cutting Out
I'm cutting out I'm jutting out
Track Name: Smells Like Trees
Alana finds a mouse
Track Name: Another One
Raise your head
There will never be another one like you
Track Name: Fall Downtown
Fall downtown
You'll see the way
You'll see the way

Fall downtown
You'll be the way
You'll be the way

Look around
You'll see the day
You'll see the day
Fall downtown
You'll feel the way
You'll feel the way