Great White Hope

by Birth Power

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Recorded at Home


released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


The Glass Eyes Chicago, Illinois

Anti-love. Immodest. Not carefree. A bit of an elitist. Has an alienating sense of humor. Generally anxious. Tough to understand sometimes. Hard to read. Sporadic bouts of kindness separated by long droughts. Suffers from this seemingly sourceless sense of shame. But hey! This music's really good! Those dudes can play! That song sounded like Neil Young! ... more

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Track Name: Good In Bed
Good in bed I am I think I'd know I am
I never have been
What's up I'm lonesome needy all around broad daylight
What makes me think you didn't just happen by
And find me here
Track Name: At The Mall
They just don't know how to be friends with each other
Track Name: Meeting Old Friends
Meeting old friends
Is kinda like
Walking down highways
Is kinda like
Lying awake all night
Hey I'm alright

Meeting old friends
Is kinda like
Watching pictures
Is kinda like
Drinking alone all night
I'll be alright
All be alright
Track Name: Too Late Soon
Too late soon
Sufferin I'll go
Track Name: Young Man
For now I've got some hopeful thinking
Tonight I'll do some hopeful drinking
I'll wish that you would come to me
Come to me oh come to me oh come to me

I'm not an asshole I am
Not an asshole I am
Not an asshole I'm just
Introverted yeah

I'm not lazy I'm not lazy I'm not lazy I'm just
So tired of everything
Track Name: Big Tub Lake
I'm a fruit bat and I'm a tortoise
I've been newly used
A filthy mattress I'm a healthy sinner
Like a man wandering
Not sure if he is who he wants to be

So come on down to Big Tub

When does it end I've waited
Like a sobbing devil
Like a selfish child
I'm lost too man

So come on down to Big Tub
Come on down to Big Tub Lake

You can smell the sights
You can shoot the shit
And you can get laid
Everything goes down at Big Tub Lake